Plymouth, Michigan

24-25 October


24 Oct 2023

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KEYNOTE - Immortal machines
Jason Carroll · Eaton Corporation
KEYNOTE - Augmenting decision-making throughout the product lifecycle via simulation-based insights
Kevin Brittain · Cummins Inc.
Elevate design optimization with ESTECO digital engineering technologies
Reaching for the North Star - Our model based enterprise journey from monolith to microservice, Part 2
Daryn J. Decker · Lockheed Martin Corporation
Switching from simulation-driven to data-driven design by exploiting the synergy of VOLTA and romBOX
Enhancing the design efficiency of downhole tools used in energy services with surrogate models and optimization
Vaibhav Marfatia · Schlumberger Technology Corporation
Optimization of engine water jacket performance using modeFRONTIER
Jeff Maher · Polaris
Sensitivity and reliability analysis of a catheter sheath hemostasis assembly to improve patient safety and reduce scrap
Arric E. McLauchlan · Medtronic PLC
Digital Thread: Leveraging the power of API to connect your internal processes to VOLTA digital engineering platform